Chairman's Message

The United Kingdom has grown from strength to strength. The longstanding focus on sustainable growth has encouraged a variety of sectors to develop and thrive.

At Diamond Finance Limited, we are proud to actively contribute to Europeans continued growth through our focus on building a diversified portfolio of successful companies that will contribute to this growth through innovation, expertise and enhanced efficiency.

Since inception, Diamond Finance Limited has striven to create a culture that exemplifies these values, allowing us to identify opportunities that will complement and strengthen our portfolio.

Our activities across a wide range of sectors allow us to draw on experience from each of those industries to deliver best-in-class products and services.

Our highly qualified management team has performed consistently well and operates to the highest international standards, ensuring excellent value and outcomes for our clients.

We aim to become a global leader in all our chosen sectors and are continually seeking to add world-class partners that will help us to reach this goal. We are very proud of our achievements to date and passionate about opportunities to play a proactive role in fostering Europeans successful approach to growth through economic diversification.

(Arthur Louis)